Park Portraits in the American Southwest, 2015. During a two week road trip through the American Southwest I made pictures of Savannah in the little areas of infrastructure provided by the parks, often within proximity to the historically preserved views of natural grandeur that convinced congress to protect these landscapes. My focal point as a photographer was the people (and person) in these large landscape dioramas. Recurring in these pictures are cameras and photographers documenting the dramatic and unusual landscapes they traveled long and far to see with their own eyes. People use cameras to collect landscapes and experiences like a collector collects stamps, this isn’t a new idea. I am interested and curious of the culture of popular photography. I enjoy seeing people make pictures, even with selfie sticks. Everyone has a postcard of Grand Canyon or Bryce Canyon or Yosemite but its the vernacular images of our most important people in those environments that give us the most joy, I think. These pictures play out a bit like theater, and evoke snapshot photography, as well as, irony and deadpan. They also inspire me to go outside and make straight pictures that mean something to me.