I am deeply interested in the photographic document, as well as, the culture of photography. Photographs today are made in a fraction of a second, distributed globally, and consumed unceasingly. My work slows down this process, this act of looking—both provoking and reflexively studying our relationship with the image, and considers the complicated impact photographs have on the production of knowledge, our understanding of history, and the construction of culture. I embrace humor, play, and novelty. I am interested in the applications of photography that have traditionally existed outside of art. My photographic practice finds non-conventional strategies for challenging traditional pictorial aims in favor of an exploratory approach to the medium. In making work I utilize photographic technologies from antique to contemporary, re-contextualize both founds photographs and stock photographs, push paint, and use found objects. Research is an important component of my practice. My current research includes: The Society of the Spectacle, The Eastman Kodak Company, the history of portrait photography, The Pictures Generation, Capitalist Realism, and cheese.



2019        MFA (pending), San Jose State University, San Jose, CA 

2016        BFA, California State University, Chico, CA



2018    A Snapshot Revisited, Theta Belcher Gallery, San Jose State University, CA

2017    A Few Anecdotes, Gallery 3, San Jose State University, CA

2015    The River, Laxson Fine Arts Gallery, Chico, CA



2019 Theta Belcher Gallery, San Jose State University, California, Cluster-Fun

2018    Gallery 3, San Jose State University, California, Countering Productivity

2017    The Image Flow, Mill Valley, California, Alternative Process Photography Exhibition

            Gallery 3, San Jose State University, California, Image and Idea

            Gallery 3, San Jose State University, California, MFA Student Showcase

            The Growlery, San Francisco, California, Creep

2016   Janet Turner Print Museum, California State University, Chico, Wide Open Spaces

            The Image Flow, Mill Valley, California, Alternative Process Photography Exhibition

            Chico Museum, Chico, California, Chico Through Time

            Dope Dope Dope, San Francisco, California, Lucid

2015   1078 Gallery, Chico, California, Artober Salon Fundraiser

            University Gallery, California State University, Chico, 60th Annual Juried Student Art Show

            Chico Art Center, Chico, California, Focal Plane and Multi Plane

            B-So Space, California State University, Chico, Red



2016  The HAND (Roeland Park, KS), Issue #14, October 2016

           SHOTS (Minneapolis, MN), Issue #132

           Dope Dope Dope (San Francisco, CA), Issue #1

           Don’t Take Pictures (Brooklyn, NY), Glass & Tin, Summer 2016

           The HAND (Roeland Park, KS), Issue #12, April 2016

           Photographer’s Forum, “Best of College & High School Photography 2016”   



2017   SJSU Graduate Equity Fellowship